Fashion for women with bow legs and knock knees

Fashion for women with bow legs and knock knees
Clothing for women with bow legs and knock knees
Clothing for women with bow legs and knock knees

Corrective Exercises for Bow Legs May 17, 2013

If you stand up straight with your ankles and feet touching, but your knees stay far apart, then you have genu varum or bow legs. This is actually a common condition for toddlers until they reach their third birthday, but if it should persist then corrective exercises for bow legs can help improve the leg condition.

Diagnosing Bow Legs

There are a number of reasons why bowed legs can occur. Identifying the cause can help in finding the right cure or correction for the bow legs. For example, Blount’s Disease is a condition that can be directly addressed.

For older children, braces are a possible solution to bow legs as the bones continue to grow and can be straightened out over time. Unfortunately for adults, once the normal growth pattern stops, breaking the bone and realigning it is the only recourse.

The cost of treating bow legs depends in large part on your insurance coverage and which part of the world you live in. For nations that have public healthcare coverage, the price of undergoing surgical treatments may be fully covered or there may be small fees. In other countries the cost may be greater or these types of treatments may not be available. If that is the case, then there is another type of treatment that is free and can have a positive effect.

Corrective Exercises for Bow Legs

It must be stated that corrective exercises are not a cure for bow legs. However, they can promote better posture and strengthen the leg muscles so that the negative effects will be reduced.

The key is to not do exercises that place an undo strain on the knees themselves. You will want to avoid running or climbing exercises that can actually do more harm than good. The exercises should be low impact and performed without having to place the knees under the duress of your body weight. What follows are a number of corrective exercises that will help alleviate the conditions of bowed legs.

Pilates: There are a number of exercises that can create better body alignment. You can do stretching exercises that help to tone and strengthen the muscles which do not put any strain on the knee joints themselves.

Yoga: For some,using a yoga strap to bind their legs together will help get the best effect from yoga exercises. Yoga helps improve your flexibility and creates better body alignment so that there is less stress on the knee joints.

Using Weights: There are a few leg strengthening exercises that you can do with weights, such as laying on your stomach while holding a light weight between your feet, and pulling the weight to your buttocks. You can start with a pillow or other light object and work your way up to a dumbbell.

These are just a few corrective exercises that can help strengthen you knees and alleviate some of the pain and discomfort that having bowed legs can cause.

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