Fashion for women with bow legs and knock knees

Fashion for women with bow legs and knock knees
Clothing for women with bow legs and knock knees
Clothing for women with bow legs and knock knees

Corrective Exercises for Knock Knees May 15, 2013

To have knock knees can be annoying and cause discomfort and pain as a person grows older.

However, a knocked knees condition can be addressed by strengthening the supporting muscles in the hip and knees area. Such corrective exercises may even slightly improve the alignment of the knees as well.

Many toddlers have either bowed legs or knock knees from their infancy to roughly the ages of three to four years old when the legs straighten themselves out. However, for children who do not grow out of this condition or perhaps for those who suffer an injury to the leg which causes one knee to drop inward, there are corrective exercises that can provide more support and improve the overall alignment of the knees.

Stabilizing the Knee

This is a balancing exercise where you are using one leg to stabilize the body while the other leg is moving. These exercises are designed to work the outer and then inner thigh area of the leg that is moving.

  • Stand sideways while holding on to the back of a chair.
  • Extend one leg straight to the side, then cross it behind the other leg.
  • Turn and face the back of the chair and extend your leg backwards.
  • Then kick the leg forward to one side of the chair.

You’ll want to watch the position of your standing leg to ensure that the knee stays in proper alignment with the ankle and the hip. .

Bent Knee Bridge

This interesting exercise starts by lying on the floor with both knees bent upward as your feet are flat on the floor. .

  • Lift one foot off the floor until it is at the height of your other knee.
  • Press down with the other foot until your hips and lower back are off the floor.
  • Hold for 10 seconds, then return to the starting position and repeat with the other foot.

You should alternate with both knees even if only one is bent inward. .

Squeeze the Ball

This exercise helps strengthen the abductor muscles which supports the knees. You will need an exercise ball for this routine. .

  • Stand next to the wall with your left profile facing the wall.
  • Lift your left leg until your thigh is parallel to the floor.
  • Pinch the exercise ball against the wall with your left thigh.
  • Apply force for one second, then release and then repeat for a set.

By doing these exercises, you will work the appropriate muscles without putting any undo strain on your knock knees. .

Tube Walking

This type of exercise uses a circular resistance bank to help properly align the legs so that the workout can improve the strength of the knees and hips. You start this exercise by placing the band around the ankles. .

  • With hands on hips, push the knees outward until they line up with the ankles.
  • Point your feet forward, then sidestep the left leg to the left while keeping your feet and knees in the proper position. After moving your left leg, slide the right leg to the left until you knees touch.
  • Repeat by sidestepping with the right leg.

You can watch yourself in a mirror to ensure that you don’t cheat or have your knees go out of alignment.

These types of corrective exercises can help improve the strength of the muscles around your knock knees to provide better support.

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